It’s A Curse In The Form Of A Promise-Warning, Beware???

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

It’s A Curse In The Form Of A Promise-Warning, Beware???

“They promised us jobs. They took everything from us. They took our land. They took our forest. They took our water.” Sam Bailie of Cameroon talking about the Chad-Cameroon Oil & Pipeline Protect Very interesting, Grenadians are guaranteed a similar fate if we buy into such a scam in the form of another promise made by Dr. Stone Manlessheart and his New National Party on the eve of General Elections on March 13, 2018 "There is something like a very powerful and clever deceiver who uses all his skills to keep me constantly deceived..."Decartes.

It is highly observable that many of us even though we don't know it, are asleep. We're born asleep, we live asleep, we communicate unconsciously while rearing children oblivious of our sleeping state and it’s no different when Election Day comes around. In the end, we also die in our sleep without ever waking up. We seldom get to experience life’s beauty and what’s referred to as ‘being responsible for our own lives’. “Responsibility is the price of greatness.” Winston Churchill

Therefore March, 13th , 2018 has potential to become a landmark symbol of hope and rebirth. The forthcoming General Elections (March, 13th, 2018) here in the state of Grenada will signal the beginning of a transformative process. Once again, we are ready to reaffirm our individual and collective responsibility for the defense of the environment/ecology and defense of the fundamental human rights of all people who live, work, love and visit in the state of Grenada. For too long we have been limited by choosing to live an inauthentic versions of ourselves. We have struggled to be fully alive. We allowed ourselves to live discordantly through the cultivation of habits of pretense, cowardice, selfishness, disrespect, dishonesty, dependency, perfecting the blame game and acting blatantly irresponsible.

When a person takes responsibility for their life and the results they are obtaining, they will cease to blame others as the cause of their results. Albert Einstein is credited as having once said or written that ‘you cannot expect to solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created the problem in the first place’. We know who and what got us in the mess that we are now trapped inside. "We are all captives of a Story." Daniel Quinn, Author of Ishmael It is incumbent on all who love Grenada dearly to stop , reflect and to think about what are we intending to leave for coming generations and way into the future. We have a critical to play, but we first choose to awake from deep sleep and accept our responsibility especially in the spirit of an admonition from the highly respected Mr. Tillman Thomas, Former Prime Minister of Grenada...2008-2013. These are his words, “No one can honestly support NNP if they believe in TRUTH. “Beware of a man (Dr. Stones Heartlessness or his “NNP”) who gives you pearls; he will one day make you cry. “ Tobagonian saying .

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