Friends of the Earth-Grenada, paying homage to the ‘People’s Doctor’

Friends of the Earth-Grenada wish to extend condolences to Dr Winston Thomas’ family, particularly, his mother, his wife and his children.

We want to recognise the ‘People’s Doctor’ as he was commonly known, for the myriad of contributions he made to nation-building in Grenada. His contribution to protection and sustainability of the environment and his participation in all matters political, medical, constitutional and human rights issues. One of these that stands out was his commitment to the efforts for justice for the Grenada 17 and Steve Fashilli.

He never ceased in his efforts which saw him establishing the National Initiative for Prolific Policy (NIPP)in collaboration with Joseph Roberts. He was also on the Executive of the first Public Health Association in Grenada having been recommended by the then Friends of the Earth-Grenada President, Joseph Antoine.

At Friends of the Earth-Grenada, his first executive position was that of General Secretary, and he then proceeded to become a first Vice President and Head of Policy and Research. He represented on numerous TV and radio programmes and facilitated workshops in a number of schools. He represented the agency on protest marches in relation to climate change and was present on the Carenage to celebrate FOE International’s 25th anniversary where a banner was unfurled to mark Friends of the Earth-Grenada’s 5th birthday.

Dr Thomas was a humble man of great integrity and passion and many Grenadians will have memories of how he helped them too in some small way.

His passing is a tremendous loss to the whole of Grenada and Friends of the Earth-Grenada, will look to find a way of keeping his memory and legacy alive.

Friends of the Earth-Grenada

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